Oh, Hello There!

In the observance of what we called the used-to-be-anniversary as being partners, the man and I went to the OB to have my very first 3D ultrasound. And yes, the so-called “28th day” was, indeed, exciting since we will be seeing the face of our first-born and will finally learn the baby’s gender.

During my pregnancy, we’ve been getting half views on whether I will be giving birth to a baby girl or a boy. Through observing my physical features like being blooming and without having dark spots, our friends would say it’s a girl. However, some of them would tell that I’m carrying a boy by looking at the shape of my baby bump. But honestly, I think it’s a baby dinosaur.

Then the moment of truth came. Upon asking us if we want to know the gender, the OB showed us a pointy little thing on the monitor. And no doubt, it’s a boy! If you could only the see how the man jumps, shouts, and punches the air out of joy! It’s like he’s having a “mini-me” and he’s really excited and happy about it (oh god, please don’t make a complete “mini-him” out of the man, I don’t want to receive phone calls from different girls every now and then).

I guess there’s a little rockstar on his way.

Now we just have to determine where Ulan’s features came from. My nose has been the man’s butt of joke for quite some time now. But I do have a cute nose, right?


Of pancakes, friends, and rubber duckies.

You know that the universe is working on your will when everything falls perfectly into place.


See how HAPPY I am?

Yesterday, I, FINALLY, got a hold on Pancake House‘s Blueberry Pancakes. The food that I have craved (with tears, mind you) for weeks has finally greeted my taste buds and it feels euphoric.

They might be only 3 but their voices sound like a group of people plotting for world domination

Alongside with pasta, a couple of frozen yogurts courtesy of Red Mango and some chitchats in between, it was indeed a fun Friday night with some college friends.

And by the way, not forgetting to mention my handy dandy Duckie. This yellow thing-of-the-tub has been in my bag for weeks now, going everywhere I go. After being with his best pal, Ernie, since time immemorial, The Man decided to give Duckie a very important mission to watch over his wife when he’s not around. Soon, we will be chronicling Duckie’s adventures and misadventures with the misfits.

Duckie after giving some possible hotel promo titles to a friend.


A ghoul’s musings

In the graveyard she laid rest. Sitting atop of her tomb, she muses on the things around her. The necropolis is full of spirits busy with their own concerns: some were troubled, others in a sound disposition, and a few in melancholy. But they are all, still, stuck in the past.

On her right is a beautiful, young lass. She is a sweet brunette wearing the finest clothes the ghoul has ever seen. She is prim, modest, and delicate. Of all the lovely faces in the graveyard, hers was the most angelic. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she was often held in the confinement of their huge mansion. She often finds herself in the garden. Outsiders can only get a glimpse of her under the morning sun as the flowers bloom; it was such a perfect sight to behold. Everything, as most people aside from the girl consider, was perfect until a lad climbed over the brick wall. Along with himself, he introduced all the wonders of the world. They created a secret portal underneath the vines of the brick wall and ran through to the field. Both of them found freedom, joy, and love.

On the other hand, a lost spirit wanders through the cemetery. A soul who marvels at all things superficial, she is easily attracted to the kind of love that is ephemeral. She boasts of lovers and mistresses, of one night stands and torrid kisses. She is free-spirited drifting to different cosmos. She loathes the gravity that keeps her grounded and is elusive to commitments. As a very attractive coquette, she met different lovers, made love with men of wealth and power, and pleasured everyone she fancies. She is a wicked and mischievous red headed tease until she found true love that freed her from fleeting emotions.

Of finding love, the ghoul wonders: why do they end up in this solitude? They did have discovered freedom but why does it always comes with death?

Then the ghoul, on the act of lying down for a deep slumber, happen to look at her crypt by chance. Staring at it, she realized she died young, at the age of 18. She mused. She knows the story behind other souls in the graveyard yet how come she doesn’t know hers?



Pit Senyor!

One of the many contingents of the Sinulog Festival

Here comes the mother of all festivals. The most celebrated event in Cebu honoring the child Jesus, Santo Niño — the Sinulog Festival.

Thousands of people gather for a mass at the Basilica del Santo Niño

Held every third Sunday of January, it is one of the grandest festivities in the country where people from all walks of life gather in the streets to celebrate the establishment of Christianity in the Philippines. Sinulog is where religion and revelry were rejoiced in perfect unison. From a series of procession to the grand parade, one can see an endless sea of people both in the uptown and downtown areas of Metro Cebu.

Here is a brief background of the Sinulog Festival.

This year might not be the usual Sinulog I had in years since I’m stuck at home, watching a live coverage from Sky Cable, which has a lousy American-accented lass for a voice over (look, having an accent might be cute but it must be used in the right situation and especially not during Sinulog). But even though it’s a boring Sinulog at home, it is still special as we celebrate the day of the child Jesus with a little one on the way.

Meanwhile, here’s a short vid made by Jerrold Tarog, a filmmaker who I stalk every once in a while (including today) and whose film (Confessional) became an inspiration in the conception of my thesis. The Sinulog: Rhythm in Unison garnered the grand prize in the 2007 Sinulog Video Documentary Competition.

Viva Señor Sto. Niño!


Wife Vs. Zombies

They invade the house at any time of the day. Morning, afternoon and even midnight, they are out to get your TV, fridge, and your brain. With different schemes and a huge wave of army, you are left with no other choice but to wage a war with them.

Meanwhile, with a good number of sun-producing sunflowers, you are armed with catapults, cannons, and different artillery to take them down. All you have to do is execute a good strategy on your lawn to defend your home, your family, your dog, and all other personal interests. But it’s an endless battle between the living and the biologically dead. You must be ready for an all-out-war that lasts until your computer suddenly shuts down.

But that is The Man’s story.

The wife, on the other hand, is set for a different kind of battle against these brain and plant-eating zombies.

Being the ever caring, loving, and psychic wife that she is, she can easily sense that there’s something wrong with her man when he starts to utter about the demand of having more gloom-shrooms in HIS lawn when in fact, OURS is adequately filled with alugbati, kamunggay, and kangkong. It gets serious when he curse about the unfriendly visitors bringing Jack-in-the-Box that abruptly explodes and destroys his whole defense force. And instead of researching about chicken coops for the provincial lot, he spends the broadband speed looking for tactics to be used against his mortal enemies. Continue reading


A fragment of 11.10.04 in 1.11.1

Today I smelled your perfume. That manly scent I used to bask in years ago stimulates a different kind of emotion today. It now gives me the creeps. From my current, happy life, I reminisce about the past.

It lures me to the time when love and relationships were idealistic.

Teenage love, it was perfect and felt true then. Flowers. Chocolates. Love letters. Those were the manifestations of his affection. I felt like a princess as he do everything for me. It was the time when I felt being loved the most.

Thank you. Thank you for giving me that faithful love for years. Thank you for denying me of heartaches, sorrow, and sudden regrets. You have even experienced them more than I do. Thank you for doing everything. Thank you for holding on, until you saw my first and only Facebook relationship status.

Now, going back to the time when love and relationships are realistic.

A lot of things were done and many have been changed. A person subconsciously taught me how to be strong, to be numb and indifferent at times. They were good defense mechanisms.

The past may be perfect, as what I used to perceive. But then, I realized that they were only superficial. I was his princess back then but this time, I am a man’s queen, firm and adamant. We met at the wrong place and during the wrong time. We are imperfect persons then and our weakness linked us together. Our huge passion for the same things makes this connection stronger. We were each other’s male and female version. Ours is a different story. More than a roller coaster ride without the safety harness. Exceptionally surreal.

Thank you. Thank you for that unconditional love. You said you’re not that emotionally expressive, yet I can feel it with all the things you have done for me. Thank you for your spontaneity, I love it the most when you make an effort to make me feel special. Thank you for your silly dance (that I’m the only one authorized to see). For the song dedications, home cooked meals, and everything else that happens between midnight and dawn. You are one of my life’s greatest adventure. Thank you for giving me heartaches, sorrow, and sudden regrets; for these I have proven that true love is capable of forgiving, thus making it immeasurable. Thank you for our little angel and that ring with a “RAKENROL” inscription.

Remember you told me the line: “Kung parehas ra unta ta’g generation, lahi unta atong setting.” (We would have a different set-up if we happen to be in the same generation) But guess what, some things are just inexplicable. Like the cosmos, our orbits happen to align perfectly and the gravity decided to keep it.



I abhor suspense movies that involve serial killers as they cause my heart to palpitate. They are the type of movies I least understand because most of the time, I bury myself under the sheets.

But I am deeply fascinated with the films’ antagonists.

They are charming, appealing, and can easily be trusted; they can easily lure people in their hands.

But it’s a Jekyll and Hyde characteristic.

They appear to be charismatic, yet very manipulative. They are secretive, good pathological liars, and uses people for stimulation and self gratification.

They need relationships but never remain attached since they see people as hindrances to their plans that must be eliminated. They are promiscuous and can easily play with people’s emotions, and even with their own feelings. A woman accepts her man to her house for an intimate dinner an hour after her lover left. She may appear emotional and sensitive to her guy’s needs. She makes love like a girl obsessed to her man and in the morning after when her partner left, she’s packing up her things for an out-of-town escapade with another lover.

They are intelligent and appear to be well educated. One can never have a hint of their dark personality as they are highly articulate. They can easily move to another community, switch job, and introduce themselves as a completely different person. Yet, they extremely lack emotional intelligence, devoid of remorse and guilt in what they do.

Unlike sociopaths, psychopaths are well-organized with their crimes, leaving no evidence behind. That is why they are hardly get caught by the authorities.

That explains why such movies have sequels.

And good thing I haven’t possessed ALL characteristics YET.