I name you Ulan Eco Niñal

Last May 15 was the son’s Christening. Gone are the days where priests demand the parents to incorporate a name of a saint to their child’s given name. If that practice would still be around, then we would be urged to add the father’s name (and what part of the name Lorenzo can fit perfectly?) or decide not to undergo the sacrament. I kid, I kid.

So there we are, family, friends, and relatives gathered to welcome the kid to the so-called “Christian world,” pardon me for the sarcasm. The folks were born and raised to be good Christians. The mom was a former YFC (Youth for Christ) member while the pop was a former seminarian, 2 short to be ordained — hardcore. I don’t know what happened. Yes, we still believe about God being the higher form of being, we just don’t support the system or the labeling of religion. Amidst with this stand, we still believe that the kid needs to have a religious foundation. There’s no argument for that.

Going back, we had a blast. Everyone was ecstatic to meet the kid. Giggling and photo ops here and there. Good thing we got a bunch of photographer friends, the Christening was well documented.

Click on the photos to be directed to their albums:

Cool bow tie eh? Check Ninang Kikit's album

My Bamkwan tito and titas. They are my mama’s blockmates/batchmates/school barkada. Yes, there’s only a handful of students per program. See more from my Ninang Candeze's album

This is my friend, Jacob. And here are our rockstar dads. From God-knows-what-they-used-to-talk-about topics to diaper conversations, these two still have the same wavelenght, even with their kiddo’s sense of style. Check more photos from my Tito Archie's album


Mother’s day: a first

I’m half expecting of any gifts on this day since it is a fact the the hub is poor with dates and surprises. But I was proved wrong. The hub surprised me with 3 roses and a daisy, some Oreo cookies, and an ice cream treat. He did know that the wife has a sweet tongue. It was a well-loved and appreciated effort. 🙂

Apart from that, a Mother’s Day feature about me, a friend, and a socialite (hope we can meet soon ^_^ ) was published on today’s paper. How cool is that.

Any first-time Mother’s Day celebration you would like to share?


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The first month birthday

It has been a month. A month of sleepless nights, of pending workloads, and of waking up earlier than the neighbor’s rooster. So today, the parents-turned-zombies will celebrate the son’s first month of life.

Since the same date turns out to be our monthsary, we decided to bought a cake for the two occasions.

Dear Kiddo,

You have gained so much weight in a matter of weeks. You now enjoy bath time and morning walks with your dad. And you finally let us sleep for a maximum of four hours straight. Continue to grow but not too fast.


Your folks

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