Father’s Day: A First

It was the man’s first Father’s Day. Just like my first ever nanay’s day, I would like to make HIS day special. But the idea of buying something as a father’s day present were abducted by the aliens together with my hopes and dreams of playing Angry Birds all day.

There she was, the DIY crafting maniac sitting adjacent to the dresser, thinking of something unique for tomorrow’s Father’s Day. Oh look, a stork! Dropping something from above.

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Jose Rizal @ 150

On this battlefield, man has no better weapon than his intelligence, no other force but his heart. Sharpen, perfect, polish then your mind and fortify and educate your heart. —Jose Rizal

It is one of the many things that brought us together — the high respect and admiration for the Philippine National Hero. A doctor, engineer, athlete, novelist, and other careers in the line of science and art. Of course, who Filipino would not know him. But what makes us adore Rizal is the fact that although he’s a “jack of all trades, master of ALL,” Rizal still has his flaws and weaknesses just like any humans as we are. And yet, he’s not ashamed to accept that.

Yes, I’ve read R. Constantino’s Veneration without Understanding but that doesn’t make him a lesser hero to me. We all have our own idols and ours is he.


-From your avid followers, R & I, reminiscing the old times when we felt closer to you.

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Darna flew away together with the local art

I saw Howie Severino’s documentary about the Filipino Film’s golden era while scanning through the TV. Since the topic is related to my undergraduate thesis, — the local independent film movement — I decided to watch the docu.

The Philippines has a vibrant filmmaking scene back then. Our movies were highly patronized not just by Filipinos but also by neighboring countries. In fact, we even introduced the idea of turning our cultural folklore into life through movies as inspired by our original Darna film.

That film went places like Thailand and Cambodia but film historians believe that the scenes with Narda/Darna was cut, thus making the plot revolve around Valentina, the villain. It became a mystery why those scenes were removed and where they are now. And we, who own the film, can’t solve this mystery as the copies of the first Darna movie went down the drain.

It’s frustrating how the government doesn’t give enough attention to the Philippine art, particularly film. To think that the Philippines was known to be an advancing country during the 40’s to 70’s era. I envy Thailand’s National Film Archives & Museum. It was supported by the government. They have kept the films in good condition and has taken good care of Darna and other old Filipino movies, too. They promise to give the film back to its rightful owner, the Philippines, once we have established our proper archiving. I wish ours can also give that importance to the local art. And I then I start to appreciate Former First Lady Imelda Marcos in her efforts to nourish the Philippine art scene, but only to that idea.

The moment we lose our culture and art is the moment that we lose our identity as Filipinos.

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Tunay na Malaya

Greetings from the Proud Pinoys

Kumilos ka. Gawin ang tama. Dyan mo malalaman na tunay kang malaya.

‘Wag na tayong umasa sa iisang tao na nangagako ng daang matuwid, malayo-layo pa ang tatahakin nun. Ang pagbabago, nagsisimula sa sarili. Kung magagawa lang ng bawat Pilipino ‘yan, abot-kamay na natin ang kunlaran.

Speaking of which, I miss doing NGO work. It’s my own way of serving the country since the government failed to focus on the most important aspect of a country’s development — education and literacy. Our group work without public recognition. Unlike politicians posting their faces on every projects they have, from roads to notebooks.

TRIVIA: The largest crocodile farm in the Philippines is found in Batasan, Quezon City. You can find all 286 of them during SONA and half of them on the Monday right after Pacquiao’s fight.

Here is a photo of one of our trips to the mountain barangays of Cebu, a place where government assistance were received the least, to provide school supplies, books, and hope for children. The group consists of Tsinelas Volunteers from the mountaineers sector and iWitness’ Sandra Aguinaldo’s team.


The Giveaways

Being hardcore music lovers, our initial plan was to have an old school rock themed Christening but the budget hindered us from completing the details. Invitations and program were thrown out the window. We did made a playlist for the ambiance music. But the hotel doesn’t have a connector. @#$%^!!! Since the giveaway is the only item that can possibly reflect our concept, we decided to personalize it with the thing that bonded us, the parents, together.

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