Because we named our son Ulan (rain)

While others find the rain a source of melancholy, of inspiration, of poetry, of songs, we find childishness. When everyone becomes poetic, we become kids. We play, we jump, we run around and sing songs together as the sky do his mambo. That’s the reason why we love the rain. (and no, not because the kid was made as the clouds are pouring)

Months after our last  acid rain bath, the hub and I braved yesterday’s heavy mizzle in Cebu and had another fun. Right then, we agreed to join our son on his first acid rain.



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“Punyeta! Paano tayo mananalo sa Cannes nyan!”

From the respected artists and institutions of the film industry to today’s new breed of out-of-the-box talents (and a mainstream actor), all in one legendary satirical take on the artsy fartsy indie-indie segment — WORD OF THE LOURD: MAKE YOUR OWN INDIE FILM SERIES.

WOTL: Make Your Own Indie Film Part 1

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WOTL: Make Your Own Indie Film Part 3


“The Cookout Circus. So hate me now.” A repost

This is a repost from a fellow former prod member who feel saddened and exasperated on the rumormongering about the UP Cookout 2011 mayhem.

For those who can relate, yes, you former senior Mass Comm students and volunteers, you probably understand our sentiments. Organizing the biggest annual event in UP is a privilege. The months of preparation, multi-tasking, hardwork, and tears are all worth it when the big night comes and you were able to make it through, wrapping it up the morning after, and hearing the feedbacks. But, it’s not just about the honor, it’s the experience, especially for MC students; the experience of doing the virtually impossible and of going beyond the boundaries to exceed expectations. It’s a production for crying out loud! A production to showcase homegrown talents, both UPians and non-UPians. It’s a loss if they can’t experience it.

P.S. All hopes are still high for this year’s Cookout. Continue reading


Decluttering the desk

Random Fact: I’m susceptible to distractions while working

I hate working on a disorganized desk. It’s like the clutter is staring at me, telling me to stop what I’m doing and finish my Angry Birds adventure. But I always end up tinkering with the clutter.

Origami at the sight of paper;

Doodles when I get my hands on markers;

Filling the room with post-its; and 

other strange things.

The hub would just stare at me strangely. While I talk with inanimate objects, he must be asking himself, “What has gone into my head that I married this weirdo?”

I like my work. It fascinates me. I sit and look at it for hours.

That’s the reason why I declutter the desk, leaving only this flock of cranes made from Dan and Kikit’s wedding giveaways. I still have to finish the whole clan so they can cheer me on when I start working, again.


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Today is washday

I love the weighing scale ride; it makes my folks happy seeing that I’ve gained a pound or two, or a kilo, perhaps.

We had our monthly check-up with Tita Doc earlier today. From the usual onesies-and-jammies uniform, we decided to dress the little one up with a polo shirt and jeans.

The Uy Family was also there for Peanut’s check-up. But Tita Doc had an urgent appointment so Tito Doc took over for the son’s turn.

The check-up turned out fine. From 6.8kg last month, the kid is now a healthy 7.8kg baby. Tito Doc said our tambukikoy is quite heavy for his age of 3 months but it’s still good since he was fed on pure breastmilk. After the consultation, doc said about another set of vaccinations to be administered anytime soon. Why does such extra protection for the immune system comes with needles? Pfft!

Nevertheless, I think the kid loves his check-ups. See how he smile every time the doctor turns this little chubbiness around although it looks like he’s grilling a steak?

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