Google Pays Tribute to Master Puppeteer Jim Henson

Jim Henson Google Doodle

Today, September 24, 2011, Google‘s puppet doodle is featured to pay tribute to Jim Henson in his would-have-been 75th birthday.

Born on 1936, Henson introduced us to the wonderful world of puppetry. He created The Muppets and made Sesame Street possible. Big Bird, Elmo, Miss Piggy, and the rest of the colorful, fluffy gang have become a significant part of many children’s lives for generations. And of course, who would ever forget Kermit the Frog voiced by Henson himself. Continue reading



Album Name: DUHA-DUHA

Release Date: November, 2011


  • Anyone who’s 0 to 100 years old.
  • Open to all MF fans. MF haters are still welcome because we’re nice people.
  • Filipino, foreigners, aliens, anybody who understands the words “gugma” and “inun-unan.”


  • Design must be based on the band’s image as the favorite of construction workers, habal-habal drivers and ex-convicts, and of course as an icon of Pogi Rock.
  • Design must say something about the album as a product of collaboration with other local artists (that’s why “Duha-Duha”).
  • Design may or not contain the album title “Duha-Duha.”
  • Entries must be square, just like a CD cover. Last time we checked, the triangle CD had yet to be invented. And high resolution, please.
  • Entries must respect copyrights laws. We love to play in prison facilities, but we don’t want to stay there.
  • Entries must be orginal and made especially for this contest. Entries that had been submitted for Justin Bieber’s album covers are automatically rejected.
  • Entries must not contain disrespect for any living things, must not harm plants and zombies, and must not make birds angry. Ug ginadili ang mga mahait nga pulong, sama sa atsa, tigib, sundang, kutsilyo, bangkaw, gabas, ug uban pa.
  • And no pornographic material, please. We’ve had enough of each other’s boobs in the ten years we’re together.
  • Each participant is allowed to submit not more than two  (2) entries.
  • Must be in full color
  • Entries will be posted on MF Fan Page, where your relatives can like.
  • The most number of likes may not necessariily be the winner, but will receive a special award.


  • Contest launch: September 20, 2011.
  • Deadline for submission of entries: October 21, 2011


  • Of course, winning entry will be used as the official Duha-Duha album cover, silly.
  •  Winner will get a free “Duha-Duha” CD, MF accessories and a chance to have a one-night stand with any of the band members (please coordinate with the wife)
  • Winner’s name and contact info will appear in the album credits.
  • A high chair in front of the stage will be reserved for the winner during the album launching
  •  Awarding of the winner will be held on the album launch
  • Winner will be acknowledged by the band during gigs, if they’re not too wasted to remember.


missingfilemoncebu@gmail.com, with your complete name and contact info.


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Visit us: http://www.missingfilemon.com



It was in 1998 when I first bought that cassette tape. It’s about buy-one-take-two shampoos, a two-timing girlfriend, and other adult-related puns. The parents find it odd and disturbing for their grade 3 daughter to listen such explicit content.

It was in 2003 when I found friends with the same interests. Armed with mediocre guitar skills and guts more than Pacquiao has, I led the afternoon tambay sessions. Yes, I was that weird girl in a bunch of guys in the school amphitheater.

It was in 2009 when I saw you at a gig for the first time. You liked the AC/DC shirt I was wearing. You sang that track from Mr. Big over the phone at 4 in the morning. And talked about tattoos and crazy fans during that friendly date in Cubao.

Earlier I heard a song played over the radio. It was from the first album. Then I thought,

How old are you then when I bought that cassette tape?


Black Balloon

You’ll always think of me as the one who played with your feelings

Who never take things seriously

Who basks in superficial romances

I may have never said I love you

But to tell you the truth, I DID love you

And unfortunately, you’ll never know it

But just so you know

I love Goo Goo Dolls because of you