Helplessly she fell for him; a notorious Casanova with words that wrap around the body and numb the senses. His words were immortal, his whisper was euphoric. She tried to resist but before she knows it, she has fallen into the eternal abyss.

They say when you’re in doubt, always follow your heart. But what if you know that letting your heart take its lead can lead to unbearable pain?

Will you leave and go on with your mundane life?

Or will you take the risk, live for the moment, and hope it will last forever?




Slowly she began to stand, to walk, to feel the grass beneath her feet and the sun’s warmth above her head. As the breeze touched her skin, she felt safer with the wind.

Finally, she found her place. She found her heart. 

Yet somewhere deep down in her mind, a voice was calling, telling her to wake up. That very familiar tone. Haunting.

Still, she wanders away…