Where have all the adrenaline gone?

Where have all the adrenaline gone?

MOA EYE: Giant Ferris Wheel
SM Mall of Asia, January 2011

They say it’s the tallest and biggest ferris wheel in the Philippines. Too bad, I wasn’t able to experience it due to the loooong queue. Well, whaddaya know, it was the January 1st crowd. My last memorable ferris wheel experience was in Enchanted Kingdom (2000). There’s the fresh air from the top, a view of the whole Sta. Rosa Laguna, and that crazy, crazy idea of jumping out of the gondola.


xmas party 23

I said in a previous post that I enjoy the company of guys over girls. BUT this one is an exemption. There’s nothing I can do, I spent 4 years of my college life with this loud ladies and A GUY, straight guy.

Ladies with an appetite of a construction worker’s.
Ladies who don’t mind being caught by the camera at their most unpleasant angles.
And ladies who act like kids when they’re together.

From classrooms to big productions, to meetings and calling cards. From stage plays to life — cheers, Bamkwan!


The “tubod” of NBI clearances

Government offices have been good to me lately. Earlier, I had myself registered for Comelec in less than hour. So was yesterday with my NBI clearance. Yes, I’m starting to perform my citizenly duties.

The NBI Cebu City office is currently a jungle (in an urban jungle), a place where one can devour another once he cut the line. You have to be there the whole day for what? For a “HIT”, another schedule, and surely a long queue. That is crazy shit. But off to a town called Tuburan, 96.7kms from the city proper, and you can acquire your NBI clearance fast and easy — just like what our local fastfood chains offer —  and eat dinuguan and liempo at the nearby carenderia for lunch.

Tuburan is a good 2-hour drive from Cebu City (1.5 if you take Transcentral Highway). But it would take around 3 hours for a bus en route to the said town. Travel time is longer than the actual NBI clearance processing but it’s better than standing under the scorching sun when you’re in the city. Plus, it’s good to see such greens along the way — a breather from the city’s hustle and bustle. Continue reading



When "Yours Forever" sounds overly cheesy.

It all started with that little boy on TV. It was a Holy Week marathon and all we did was cry copious tears. We didn’t had any plans so we stayed home, watched that primetime TV series rerun, took a bath at 10PM, and drink all the beer deposit in the household. That cycle lasted for three days. We know, we can get that boring.

But look what we have here…

Fist pound, partner!


Friday Mayhem


Because I enjoy the company of guys over most girls who talk about their boyfriends, make-ups, and how their dresses didn’t fit anymore.

“Nindot gyud ang mga laki nga barkada. Sige ra’g inom, sige ra’g joke ug katawa. Wa’y manlibak, wa’y negative energy, no bullsh*ts”

-Permanent roommate attesting how I love being with guy friends

Oh, by the way, It was Missing Filemon’s double gig on a Friday.

Yes, they still play — good, intoxicated, and wild.