Fan girl moment with the bisrock icon, har har!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s a rare treat! The guy-in-shirt-and-rugged-jeans looked decent for an occasion and it’s not his wedding.

The permanent roommate was invited to be one of the judges at the 32nd Cebu Popular Music Festival. Since it’s the highlight of his musical career (as how he puts it), we made every preparation possible. From getting the right fit of slacks, the best pair of shoes, and a stand-out barong from Harley Ruedas to plans of changing his hairstyle but decided to leave it as it is. The rock star image can always justify the unkempt hair.


Confessional DVD out now

I stopped mourning over a lost movie file in my hard disk …

…Because Confessional DVD is finally out for everyone to see!

Yeah, the long wait is over. Jerrold Tarog and Ruel Dahis Antipuesto‘s award winning film, together with other critically acclaimed Cinema One Originals movies (Yanggaw, Wanted: Border, and Paano Ko Sasabihin), is now available in the market.

Grab the DVD for only Php350.00 from any Astro Plus, Astro Vision, Odyssey, O Music, Fully Booked, and SM Record Bar branches nationwide.

Meanwhile, here’s the movie trailer:

And because I’m a proud, err, stage wife, here’s the music video of the film’s theme song composed by Insoy Niñal, which won as Best Theme Song for 56th FAMAS Awards in 2008.  🙂


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Wacky ultrasound baby. A repost

While we’re at it, here’s the man‘s column about the junior on our way:

Wacky ultrasound baby, (SUN.STAR CEBU, FEB. 1, 2011)

Last weekend, I and the wife had an amazing encounter with modern prenatal technology – the 3D Ultrasound. Yeah, I know, 3D ultrasound is ancient technology. It is 30 years old.  For all I care, it could have been invented by obstetrician-gynecologist dinosaurs to determine the sex of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. But when it’s your baby right there being scheduled for the first photo op of his entire amniotic life ever, all technology in the world becomes modern and high tech, and beautiful.

So we decided to have this 3D thing for the same reason as those of other expectant parents: to determine if we’re not expecting a dinosaur. No, just kidding. But yeah, we wanted to take advantage of this technology that would tell us if there was nothing wrong with the baby inside. We would count the fingers and the toes and examine the nose, etc. Oh, it’s grandpa’s nose. No, it’s lola’s nose. Stuff like that. And on a deeply personal note, I wanted to know if the baby was not sucking at a bottle of beer instead of his thumb.



Smells like Teen Spirit. A repost.

Then the man decided to write about how we sleep, eat, relax, and make love with rockstars. And no, it’s not what you think it is.

NOW let’s talk about babies. Not that it’s Christmas, although we’ll get to that later, but because I’m an expectant father and everything that’s in my head right now are images of babies and baby stuff as I watch The Partner’s tummy grow bigger each day. In three months’ time, we will meet our firstborn face-to-face, and I expect our baby to flash me the Devil’s Horns, or the rock-and-roll hand gesture, as his/her first official act as the newest member of the human race. Continue reading