Day 20: Concerts you have attended

Here, sharing another tumblr post:

I know I failed the 30-day challenge, I’ll just make it a 30-post challenge.

Now going back, I think this one deserves a separate post.

Honestly, I’m having a hard time remembering ALL the concerts I’ve attended to. They are numerous, I tell you! Attending concerts gives me the adrenaline rush; of being in the crowd, sweating, jumping, and singing along with the songs of different bands. It started that way, until I became a writer for this newspaper, covering events and concerts. Now, I have backstage access and even the chance to brush elbows with different musicians while doing an interview with them.

To make the looong list short, I’ll just include my selection of memorable concerts. I may fail to name the exact event, just the artists who played. Most of these concerts are part of my job as a “hotshot rock journalist”, as what my editor would call me, mehe.

Now, shoot:

  • Kapatid EP launching. It was a dream come true interviewing one of OPM rock legends Karl Roy.
  • Black Christmas with Wolfgang and Razorback. I tell you, I’m a big fan of bands in the late 80’s and early 90’s.
  • Grin Department at the Outpost. Yes, I listen to them during my elementary days. Boh (the band’s frontman) was amused. We became good friends after that night. Continue reading