Fan girl moment with the bisrock icon, har har!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s a rare treat! The guy-in-shirt-and-rugged-jeans looked decent for an occasion and it’s not his wedding.

The permanent roommate was invited to be one of the judges at the 32nd Cebu Popular Music Festival. Since it’s the highlight of his musical career (as how he puts it), we made every preparation possible. From getting the right fit of slacks, the best pair of shoes, and a stand-out barong from Harley Ruedas to plans of changing his hairstyle but decided to leave it as it is. The rock star image can always justify the unkempt hair.


Pit Senyor!

One of the many contingents of the Sinulog Festival

Here comes the mother of all festivals. The most celebrated event in Cebu honoring the child Jesus, Santo Niño — the Sinulog Festival.

Thousands of people gather for a mass at the Basilica del Santo Niño

Held every third Sunday of January, it is one of the grandest festivities in the country where people from all walks of life gather in the streets to celebrate the establishment of Christianity in the Philippines. Sinulog is where religion and revelry were rejoiced in perfect unison. From a series of procession to the grand parade, one can see an endless sea of people both in the uptown and downtown areas of Metro Cebu.

Here is a brief background of the Sinulog Festival.

This year might not be the usual Sinulog I had in years since I’m stuck at home, watching a live coverage from Sky Cable, which has a lousy American-accented lass for a voice over (look, having an accent might be cute but it must be used in the right situation and especially not during Sinulog). But even though it’s a boring Sinulog at home, it is still special as we celebrate the day of the child Jesus with a little one on the way.

Meanwhile, here’s a short vid made by Jerrold Tarog, a filmmaker who I stalk every once in a while (including today) and whose film (Confessional) became an inspiration in the conception of my thesis. The Sinulog: Rhythm in Unison garnered the grand prize in the 2007 Sinulog Video Documentary Competition.

Viva Señor Sto. Niño!